The Residency at Stationæry

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We are pleased to introduce The Residency at Stationæry, featuring Klaus Georis . Our friend, and local talent, will be opening his own restaurant La Carte Blanche in Seaside this Fall.  He will be in residence here for dinner service Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings serving a five course tasting menu.  It starts this Thursday, April 4th.  We look forward to welcoming you!


A few FAQs... that I’m sure we will continue to build upon —

  • Day/time: Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 6 to 10pm

  • Reservations: We are taking limited reservations, and excited to welcome walk-ins.  Reservations can be made via email:

  • The Menu: A preview will be posted in our message box out front, and here on the site.

  • Our Monthly Dinner: Yes!  We will still be doing the Stationæry monthly dinner.  You can always count on it for the 3rd Friday of the month! Tickets for April’s event are available here.

The Club J

Raul Nava recently visited Stationæry to enjoy our Club J Hot Chocolate. We are so grateful he shared about our special drink in the SIPS section of this week’s Monterey County Weekly . The article is below and you can also view it here.

Spiced hot chocolate gives reason to linger at Stationæry

Stationæry’s name cleverly reflects the passions of owners Anthony and Alissa Carnazzo: comforting hospitality and letterpress stationery. There’s no better remedy for wet winter weather than staying stationary and cozying up with the restaurant’s signature Club J hot chocolate.

Inspired by Abuelita brand Mexican-style cinnamon-spiked chocolate, it’s a nod to the former occupants of the space: longtime locals’ favorite restaurant Club Jalapeño.

The recipe starts with bittersweet Valrhona 100-percent cocoa powder, then folds in hot cinnamon, fiery cayenne and aromatic nutmeg, softened with a bit of brown sugar.

Velvety steamed milk brings that mahogany mix to life. You’ll watch hypnotically as a barista carefully pours the frothy milk into the sturdy ceramic mug, slowly swaying the pitcher side to side to leave that telltale white rosette fern on the billowy chocolate canvas.

A generous dab of dense whipped cream – they do the whipping, of course – finishes off this comfy cup. Cradle your cocoa tight, take a slow sip and settle in.

by Raul Nava (@offthemenu831)

Simply courageous

Thank you to Mike Hale and The Monterey Herald for a lovely feature about our opening of Stationæry.  It is humbling and wonderful to have the support of our local community as we carry on with this special project.  Those of you who know me well, know that I am a person of few emotions.  But seeing Mike's headline, "Simply courageous", honestly brought me to tears.  We've been so "in" the project and I hadn't really taken a moment yet to reflect on the fact that WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING THIS.  The doors are open, everything is flowing so naturally, and we are having a blast!  Though, I do believe it is necessary for us to pause a moment and reflect on the excitement and acknowledge how blessed we are to be the stewards of Stationæry.  

We have an amazing team, including Chef Amalia Scatena, helping to make each day possible.  And beyond our team inside Stationæry, we have friends and family supporting us in big and small ways - we are so grateful.  

Alissa (and Anthony too)

ps. To read the full Herald article you can click here.  


Photo on our soft opening day, by  Lindsay Parton

Photo on our soft opening day, by Lindsay Parton

We are open.

Stationaery Carmel


We are open.  At long last, we are open.

We’ve dreamt about our little neighborhood restaurant for years.  Charming and dear, offering you respite from your busy day.  A place to find a quiet moment, to meet a friend for a meal, to have a coffee, to be stationary.

Tomorrow we open for service at 8am sharp and are serving breakfast until noon, for our first week.  The following Monday (9/3) we will begin lunch service and extend our hours until 3pm.

Please stop by and visit.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Our best,
Anthony & Alissa  


Opening week hours

Week of 8/27 — 8am to 12pm

Week of 9/3 — 8am to 3pm

Monday - Sunday

Weren't you supposed to open in July?

Stationaery Details Carmel.png

When we announced Stationæry to the world, we were (looking back on it) extremely bold and put a date on our opening of July 2018.  Today is July 30th and while we are so close, we still have many things to finish, hoops to jump through, and inspections to complete! 

I really thought I could first-born-organize my way out of the cliché construction delays... but it turns out, nope.  They spare no one.  Even still, every day feels like Christmas!  Boxes arrived with our Afteroom chairs from Menu, Preston Alba of Lakes.Studio hand delivered our custom wall sconces, and Anthony's La Marzocco espresso machine is finally here.  Tomorrow our sign will go up and Shawn from LuvHaus in Berkeley is hand delivering our ceramics.  It is thrilling to see what was drawn on paper by Sara Karkenny be built and come to life!  We are surrounded by an amazing team of professionals, tradesmen, and friends & family helping to push towards the opening.  

Though the biggest news yet is we've hired a Chef!  We are so lucky to have Amalia Scatena join our team at Stationæry.  Like us, Amalia is a Northern California native.  After many years of sharpening her culinary and hospitality skills in Tuscany, Virginia, and South Carolina - she has returned to California.  Taking this position as our Chef serves as a celebratory homecoming to Amalia and very good news to all of us and our stomachs.  The Monterey County Weekly has a small write-up about Amalia and the progress here at Stationæry! 

We cannot wait to welcome you into our doors to feast your eyes, appetites, and spirit on the beauty of the space, food, and hospitality.  

So now you ask, "Really, when do you open?" Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice... uh - Well, let's just say we are right around the corner.  A big clue is that I took the daring step to change our homepage banner to AUGUST.  Stay tuned! 


Photo info: 
(L) detail of our Lambert & Fils fixture, (C) Afteroom chair curves & shadows, (R) and of course a peek of paper goods to come. 

Welcome to the Post!

Hello there, 

Welcome to The Post!  Here we will share occasional updates about Stationæry.  Below you'll find a blog entry Alissa posted to her business's blog. 

Our best, 
Alissa & Anthony Carnazzo



We've officially hit the middle of the year at June 1.  I'm so pleased to finally share what Anthony and I have been up to during the first part of 2018.  We are opening a restaurant and retail shop in Carmel, CA called Stationæry.  

At the end of 2017 we left Los Angeles and moved back home for many reasons, personal and professional.  Opening a restaurant was always a hope, but in making the decision to move we weren't exactly sure how it all would unfold.  While the doors in LA were clearly closing, so many doors opened here at home and are continuing to open.  It is amazing how quickly everything has come together to make this possible.  I honestly couldn't have dreamt up the life I'm now living!  It's better and also more challenging (in the best ways) than I would have imagined.  

Before leaving LA we received impactful encouragement and affirmation from friends.  I actually even have some of the messages recorded as voice memos that I save to listen to on days when I need to hear it (thanks, Trace).  Their influence and words sit with us daily as we create Stationæry.  The idea for the name, Stationæry, was sparked by a conversation with our friend, Raan Parton.  He told me we should open a place called Stationery and put the letterpress inside for patrons to watch in action!  While the health department probably wouldn't want production happening so close to an eating establishment - the idea really influenced us. 

Stationery has two meanings and two ways to spell it: stationery and stationary.  In fact, I learned this lesson very early on while starting Alissa Bell Press.  I attended my first and only bridal expo in January 2012 to introduce my style to the fine brides of Monterey, CA.  I had a huge sign printed with my business logo and a listing of services including: STATIONARY.  Before the show even opened I was told by a lady that I had it all wrong - and I was mortified.  I've never confused the two again.   

Stationary with an "A" means unmoving, present, and constant.  Stationery with an "E" is writing paper, especially with matching envelopes (obviously).  We decided to capture the two meanings with the "Æ" (ash), creating Stationæry. 

These two definitions practically and emotionally describe what Anthony and I both do and create in our professional lives.  In hospitality, whether as a barista, general manager, server, or bar tender, Anthony has been a constant presence in people's lives.  The simple act of making their coffee each morning or serving them a beautiful meal allows him to show up for people in a consistent way - during the good, the regular, and sometimes less exciting times.  I could go on and on about the ways Anthony serves and creates special moments for people each day - but really I just want you all to know this is a life long dream in the making.  

As for me, I'm a stationer.  (I love that title.)  I design and print paper goods for people's important moments.  With this restaurant and shop, I'm being given the opportunity to reach more people during both regular daily routines and special occasions.  My role involves designing a beautiful space for our guests to relax and delight in.  I'm working with Sara Karkenny to bring the vision to life!  I will also be curating our retail shop with objects designed and created by businesses and people we admire.  

Construction starts next week and we are hoping to open in July.  You can follow along on our Instagram, @thestationaery, or sign up for the newsletter to get updates.  Also if you are local to the Monterey Peninsula, pop by and peek in the windows.  Carmel is a quaint town with no street addresses - so your iPhone may not be able to assist you here: 
San Carlos Square
on San Carlos, between 5th & 6th Ave. 
Carmel, CA
**white building, green trim, super cute square.  

Thanks for reading about our newest adventure.  I'll be checking in occassionaly with updates!
xo, Alissa