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The Club J

Raul Nava recently visited Stationæry to enjoy our Club J Hot Chocolate. We are so grateful he shared about our special drink in the SIPS section of this week’s Monterey County Weekly . The article is below and you can also view it here.

Spiced hot chocolate gives reason to linger at Stationæry

Stationæry’s name cleverly reflects the passions of owners Anthony and Alissa Carnazzo: comforting hospitality and letterpress stationery. There’s no better remedy for wet winter weather than staying stationary and cozying up with the restaurant’s signature Club J hot chocolate.

Inspired by Abuelita brand Mexican-style cinnamon-spiked chocolate, it’s a nod to the former occupants of the space: longtime locals’ favorite restaurant Club Jalapeño.

The recipe starts with bittersweet Valrhona 100-percent cocoa powder, then folds in hot cinnamon, fiery cayenne and aromatic nutmeg, softened with a bit of brown sugar.

Velvety steamed milk brings that mahogany mix to life. You’ll watch hypnotically as a barista carefully pours the frothy milk into the sturdy ceramic mug, slowly swaying the pitcher side to side to leave that telltale white rosette fern on the billowy chocolate canvas.

A generous dab of dense whipped cream – they do the whipping, of course – finishes off this comfy cup. Cradle your cocoa tight, take a slow sip and settle in.

by Raul Nava (@offthemenu831)